Service Hours

   Due to Covid-19 restrictions the ability of families to participate in volunteer opportunities has been reduced. At this time the requirement of families to complete service hours has been suspended.  The volunteer hours requirement will resume at a future date. (9/2020)

In addition to tuition, every Cathedral School family is required to contribute at least 20 hours of service for the school each year. The spirit of this policy is to involve family members in the education and extra-circular activities of or students, at the same time helping our yearly operational budget.*

There are so many ways to help out at Cathedral: Playground Helper, Lunch Supervisor, Homeroom Parent, Class Chaperon, All Committee Meetings, Tutoring, Grant Research, Help at Events, Picture Day, Book Fairs, Painting Classrooms, etc.

Please use this form to record your volunteer hours→ Service Hours Record SheetService Hour Information Sheet

Sheets should be sent to the main office once your 20 hours are completed. There is no shortage of opportunities to ensure your 20 hours. If you need assistance or ideas, just ask!

 *Families can choose not to perform the service hours agreement and pay $300 at the time of registration. Hours are due by May 1st each school year. Families who have partially met their obligation will receive a bill for the remainder of the hours at $15 per hour.

To review the contract in its entirety→ Cathedral School Service Hour Agreement

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