Core Values

Faith – We guide and nurture the development of our students’ faith through prayer, Mass, and direct religious instruction. We integrate Jesus and His love into our students’ daily lessons and life experiences. 

Excellence – We inspire personal and academic excellence in each of our students. We teach the whole child and expect his or her best in return.

Service – We aspire to the action of unconditional love and a strong belief in service to God, family, and community. We seek understanding through empathy and responsibility not only to our local community, but our national community as well.


1. Development of personal skills through modeling and the acceptance and encouragement of individual differences throughout all aspects of the curriculum.

2. Development of social skills through large and small group activities to gain acceptance and understanding of individual differences.

3. Development of technical skills by offering a variety of student controlled, hands-on experiences with a broad spectrum of technologies that can be applied to everyday situations.

4. Motivation of students through a variety of activities that instill a sense of ownership of their education.

5. Gaining an appreciation of the learning experience and school by developing curriculum themes around the personal and social concerns of adolescents.

6. Provisions of opportunities to develop and utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills through a diversity of activities within the curriculum.

7. Fostering growth in a life, based on Catholic Christian beliefs, through modeling behavior throughout the school community, faith development experiences for staff, a variety of liturgical experiences for staff and students, and instruction in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church for all students.